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Geeky Gadget Review

Product Review: A Day with the Amazon Echo

As busy as we all are these days, having an inanimate voice-controlled personal assistant that is as responsive, as intuitive and as powerful as the computer on board the starship Enterprise would be a welcome addition to our daily lives. So far, all the voice activated assistants are mediocre at best, leaving many of us with a mechanical, disjointed user-experience that feels much like talking to robot. Even Siri with her attempted vocal elegance and forced feminine wiles leaves us with a feeling of a flat, one-sided conversation. When we had chance to review the Amazon Echo and spend a day with virtual assistant Alexa, a new contender in this very unique technology space, we weren’t too optimistic about it being in any different than the others, but we were pleasantly surprised at what we found.

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Build a Cheap Home Theater PC

Many people are often looking for a better more flexible home theater device to better manage and browse their favorite digital media, but many of us don’t have a huge budget to drop on the most expensive gear.

Building a good home theater media management system on a budget can be a challenge, but watch as our friends from DIY Tryin show us how to turn a Raspberry Pi into a cheap yet powerful home theater PC using BerryBoot and XBMC clone openelec. For a full list of items needed to complete this project, check out Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Home Theater PC – Watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and more