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Scheduled Maintenance December 17, 1:30 AM MST

For a short time this morning – approximately 1:30 AM MST to 1:45 AM MST we will be making upgrades to our shopping experience and updating our servers.  During this time the shopping cart will not be available.  We appreciate your business and thank you in advance for your patience while we work hard to make our services better for you.


The UsenetServer Team

Free, Fast and Easy Global Search

Free, Fast and Easy Global Search Helps You Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

The Usenet is stacked with so much client produced substance, it might appear to be overwhelming at times to find exactly what you’re looking for.  One of the best benefits of using Usenetserver is Global Search transforms how you search through over 111,000 newsgroups.

Usenetserver’s Global Search makes the Usenet more user-friendly, making things simple to find. It also permits our clients to rapidly and effortlessly scan the newsgroups for articles that match their search keyword criteria, select the desired results and create a custom NZB file to download the articles.

With Global Search, you can additionally channel articles by post age, post date and poster name. Usenetserver’s Global Search is accessible for all Usenetserver subscribers. Global Search makes searching the Usenet a truly enjoyable experience.


Sign up today to check out Global Search and to get these other amazing features:

  • Unlimited Access
  • Uncapped Speed
  • Encrypted SSL
  • 1904 Days Retention
  • 20 Connections
  • 99%+ Completion
  • 24/7/365 Support


UsenetServer is Awarded a Best Usenet Provider

UsenetServer is Awarded a Best Usenet Provider by Newsgroup Reviews

In the recent 2013 NGR Editor’s Choice Awards, UsenetServer was selected as a ‘Best Usenet Provider’ based on the following criteria:

  • Value
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Completion
  • High Retention
  • Extra Features

A few key points that Newsgroup Reviews mentions that explain why UsenetServer was chosen as a 2013 Best Usenet Provider are: 

UseNetServer provides an excellent mix of quality and value. 

Since releasing their popular $10 unlimited Usenet special the service has grown rapidly. 

UNS was always a staple in the industry but at $10 a month or $95.40 a year they’re really hard to pass up. 

In addition to value, UseNetServer offers high retention and UNS Global Search.  Having a built-in Usenet search engine makes finding newsgroup content much easier.

Read the complete review at Best Usenet Providers:  2013 NGR Editors Choice Awards – Newsgroups Reviews Blog to find out why you should try UsenetServer today!

UsenetServer Surpasses 5 Years of Retention

UsenetServer Surpasses 5 Years of Retention

UsenetServer has reached a newsgroup retention landmark of 1865 days of NTTP retention, which is over 5 years!

Newsgroup retention is the length of time that a newsgroup article post is available to subscribers.  Over 5 years of retention means that UsenetServer subscribers can access newsgroup posts that were added up to 1865 days ago (over 5 years) with 99% completion.

Now with over 5 years of retention, all UsenetServer plans include:

  • Blazing Speed – Direct access to UsenetServer’s Tier-1 Usenet network connecting to over 800 broadband access providers translates to blazing download speeds.
  • Unlimited data transfer – You’ll easily maximize your speed with the large number of concurrent connections.
  • 256-bit SSL access – SSL encryption helps ensure that your username and password remains safe from identity theft. Additionally, SSL encrypted access helps you avoid any attempt by your ISP to throttle your bandwidth speeds.
  • Over 100,000 discussion groups – Network globally with over 100,000 discussion groups – text and binary. Exchange ideas with millions of people by accessing UsenetServer.
  • Savings – Offering some of the lowest prices for premium Usenet access, you can get unlimited data access with 20 concurrent SSL connections for up to 75% less than other providers.

Get started now with your free usenet 14-day trial with a 10GB download limit.



UsenetServer Now Offering 1800 Days Retention

UsenetServer, the lowest priced provider of premium Usenet newsgroup access, has been making significant investments this summer to build out its network and infrastructure. Today they have reached a newsgroup retention landmark of 1800 days of NTTP retention.

Newsgroup retention is the length of time that a newsgroup article post is available to subscribers.  1800 days of retention means that UsenetServer subscribers can access newsgroup posts that were added up to 1800 days ago, with 99% completion.

Now with 1800 days of retention, all UsenetServer plans include:

  • Direct access to UsenetServer’s Tier-1 Usenet network
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • Uncapped transfer speeds
  • 256-bit SSL access
  • 14 day/10 GB free trial

One of UsenetServer’s most unique features is Global Search. Global Search is a free tool that subscribers can use to instantly find and transfer what they want from Usenet without subscribing to newsgroups and downloading massive amounts of headers.  UsenetServer also maintains peering relationships with all major Usenet providers, giving subscribers access to virtually every article posted to Usenet anywhere in the world!

About UsenetServer

UsenetServer is one of the world’s premier providers of Usenet newsgroup access.  As an industry-leader in service reliability, speed and retention, UsenetServer is committed to providing world-class Usenet access to over 100,000 discussion groups from its servers across the world. For more information about UsenetServer and its Usenet service offerings, please visit or contact

Get UsenetServer Usenet

To begin exploring and searching the Usenet with our Global Search, get your own Usenet account by signing up here.

Never Miss a Payment Again with UNS Backup Payment

Nothing is more annoying than your downloads being interrupted because your credit card on your account expires and then your account goes into limbo until you update your payment information. We know how annoying this can be, so we have added a way for you to add a backup payment method. If your current payment method (Visa or Paypal) expires or fails, your backup payment method will take over meaning that your account never gets put on hold or interrupted and your downloads continue without so much as a blip 🙂

If you have not yet added a backup payment method, we recommend you do so right away by logging in at the Account Home. Once you have logged in, you will see the banner below:

backup payment

To add a backup payment method, click on the “Learn More Now” link.


To get started using UsenetServer Usenet today, Signup Here!

UsenetServer Now With Full Headers

ASHBURN, Va., Jan. 25, 2013 — We’re excited to announce that UsenetServer has released full header retention for all customers to enjoy all 1624 days of retention! This is a major new feature and benefits all customers on all UsenetServer server farms worldwide.

Some customers will be automatically updated to the new retention set, depending on what newsreader client is being used. Popular newsreader clients are explained in the New Headers FAQs.

Once the headers updates are complete, customers will be able to use their newsreader of choice to browse what is among the industry’s longest and most complete retention set!

How to get the new headers: Headers can be updated by logging into your account control panel. This can be accessed via the top-right of Once logged in, all you need to do is click the “Change XOVER Server” link and confirm the update. Please note that it may take at least 15 minutes for the update to work its way through UsenetServer’s systems.

For a more complete description of the header updates, please refer to the above mentioned links.

Please contact if you have any questions. The UsenetServer team will be happy to assist with any further needed information.

Thanks and we hope you enjoy the new header retention!

UsenetServer Global Search To Get New Look

ASHBURN, Va., Jan. 21, 2013 — It’s about time we give UsenetServer Global Search some love. To that end we’re going to revamp and clean up the look of Global Search and give everyone the web based Usenet search experience they deserve. We’re also looking into being able to expand the available retention on UsenetServer Global Search. Better web access and more retention, whats not to love?

With over 4 full years (1,620 days) of retention and a 99+% completion rate, UsenetServer subscribers can access articles on the UsenetServer newsfeed that were posted up to 1,620 days ago. Very few Usenet providers can support this level of service based on the sheer volume of articles posted to newsgroups every day, which can be up to 10 terabytes of new articles per day.

With world-class level retention, uncapped speed, 256-bit SSL access, unlimited downloads and 99+% completion rate, We continue to offer the fastest, most secure Usenet access in the industry for the lowest prices available anywhere. UsenetServer invites all new subscribers to try its world-class Usenet service, now supporting over 4 years of retention and growing, with a free 14 day free trial with up to 10 GB of access.

A demo of the new Global Search look is here or if you’re a current subscriber you can access the current version here.

For more information about and its service, please visit www. or contact