A good newsreader is required to navigate and explore content and communities on Usenet newsgroup servers. Newsreader software functions similar to an email client, making it very easy to browse messages and content from different newsgroups while also allowing you to bookmark or subscribe to the newsgroups of interest to you. Today's newsreaders are binary capable, meaning they will also download, decode and reassemble user generating binary files such as mp3 music, ISO CD images and digital video, saving you a lot of time and trouble. The high-speed global access nature of the Usenet makes it the perfect place to share user-generated files and content.

Newsbin Pro

Newsbin has been around for 16 years and is constantly being improved based on user feedback. Newsbin can handle all your Usenet binary downloading needs with a rich feature set and proven speed and reliability. Try Newsbin and its integrated Usenet Search service risk free for 15 days. Trial keys can be converted to lifetime keys by signing up for any tier of the Search service.

Newsflash Plus

Fast and potent newsreader for both Linux and Windows, sporting a multitude of features including header, integrated search, automatic extract & repair and scripting support.


Light weight and versatile, this MacOSX native newsreader supports fast and easy article retrieval with point and click multi-part binary file download ability and keyword and newsgroup search within groups.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Compatible for the Mac & PC, this newsreader software now has tabs, better search and email archiving and can be easily set up.

Forté Agent

Network globally with over 100,000 discussion groups - text and binary. Exchange ideas with millions of people by accessing UsenetServer.