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UsenetServer User Survey

Give us your feedback and you could win free Usenet!

UsenetServer is proud to bring customers unlimited Usenet access for some of the lowest rates in the industry. Now we want to know more; we are seeking feedback from our users on the overall quality of our service. How reliable are your connections? How helpful is our support staff? What other offerings do you think UsenetServer is missing? By answering these questions, you will help us to create a richer, more intuitive experience for all UsenetServer subscribers.
To show our appreciation to everyone for helping us improve our service, we will choose some survey participants at random to win up to 1 full year of free UsenetServer Usenet + VPN service. Please complete all survey questions to the best of your ability. Your responses will always be kept confidential. What are you waiting for? Let the summer survey madness begin!
New to UsenetServer? Sign up today and start a free 14 day/10GB Free Trial!

What is a VPN?

Since we launched our VPN service, we’ve received a few inquiries from our users to the effect of, “what exactly is a VPN?” and “why do I need one?“ So in this post we provide clarification as to what a VPN is, and why everyone needs one.

What is a VPN?

VPNs provide many benefits, but one of the most common uses of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is as an encryption tool. You might have heard about using a VPN in the workplace; when an employee needs remote access to the company network because they’re traveling or working from home, they’ll typically log in to a VPN. You might have thought this was just a way to log in to the company’s network from outside the office, but the actual reason it’s used is to guarantee the connection is secure and the data that is passed back and forth over the Internet cannot be accessed by outsiders.

When connected to a VPN, all online traffic and data such as emails, instant messages, banking and credit card information is passed through an encrypted tunnel, preventing identity theft and cybercrime. When logged into a VPN on your mobile device or laptop, especially when using a public WiFi hotspot at your local coffee shop, you’re safe from hackers who would otherwise be able to easily access your private data and use it at your expense.

Why use a VPN?

A VPN does a lot more than keep you safe online.  One of the most desired benefits a VPN offers is the control it provides you over your IP address.  Your IP (Internet Protocol) address determines your geolocation, and depending on where you’re trying to use the Internet from, websites and social networks can be restricted or blocked altogether. When you are in control of your IP address, you’re also in control of your virtual location.

You can change your location and grant yourself access to an uncensored internet, regardless of where you’re physically located. You also prevent your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from slowing your traffic, a reported tactic that major providers use to divert users from accessing specific websites.

This works for Usenet access as well, by using UsenetServer VPN, you’ll have a secure tunnel to our servers, essentially bypassing any connection blocks or throttling.

How do I sign up?

UsenetServer VPN is available as a low cost add-on to your current UsenetServer account. Just log in and activate on the left hand side of the control panel. If you’re new to UsenetServer, for just a few extra dollars a month, you can:

  • Protect your online identity
  • Control your IP address
  • Bypass censorship and more!

UsenetServer VPN is as easy as pushing a button, try it today and see for yourself!




Free Lifetime VPN! – Black Friday Special

The Holidays are upon us, it’s time for big savings and this Black Friday is no different. As a big thank you to the internet and to promote privacy and security in the midst of big brother nation states, UsenetServer has decided to offer free lifetime VPN access on all new Usenet accounts today through Cyber Monday December the 1st! The Lifetime VPN service will remain free for as long as the Usenet account is active and there are no gaps in payment or service. Click below and get free lifetime VPN + Usenet!

Free Lifetime VPN! Black Friday

Enter for Your Chance to Win Free Usenet & VPN

In honor of Cyber Security Awareness Month, we are giving away Free service to UsenetServer users who have taken steps to protect their privacy by using our secure VPN add-on service. The prizes are as follows:


2nd 3rd

1 Year of Free UsenetServer Usenet Access

3 Months of Free UsenetServer Usenet Access

1 Month of Free UsenetServer Usenet Access

How to enter

Complete the Secure Your Life and Win Promotion entry form below. You can earn even more entries by following us on Twitter, Liking us on Facebook or sharing a link to this promotion on FacebookTwitter or Google+. Non UsenetServer subscribers may enter their email address to win a free 14 day/Ten Gig UsenetServer trial.

When the promotion will run

We are accepting entries October 16th – October 30th 2014.

How the winners will be chosen

3 Winners will be chosen at random from the entries collected through the Secure Your Life and Win Promotion entry form below. You must have an active UsenetServer account with the VPN add-on enabled to qualify to win free UsenetServer Usenet service.

Winner notification

Winners will be notified via email provided on the entry form within 14 days after the end of the promotion.

Promotion Rules

  1. To be eligible to win, you must complete the Secure Your Life and Win Promotion entry form and have an active UsenetServer Usenet account with the VPN add-on enabled to receive valid entries for a possibility to win.
  2. Non UsenetServer users may enter their email address to win a free 14 day/Ten Gig UsenetServer trial only.
  3. Three random winners will be chosen from all of the submitted eligible entries from the Secure Your Life and Win Promotion entry form.
  4. Multiply entries can be received by liking us on Facebook, following us on twitter, tweeting a link to the promotion or sharing a link on Facebook.
  5. Winners will be contacted through the email address submitted with their completed Secure Your Life and Win Promotion entries – you must use a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  6. Entries on the Secure Your Life and Win Promotion form submitted on October 16th through October 30th at midnight (Eastern US time) will be accepted, any entry before or after this time will not be counted.
  7. When you submit valid completed entries into the Secure Your Life and Win Promotion, you are agreeing to all the Terms and Conditions found by clicking the link at the bottom of the entry form and the rules outlined in this section.
  8. We will notify and award free UsenetServer Usenet Service to the 3 random winners with 14 days after the promotion ends.
  9. By entering the Secure Your Life and Win Promotion, you are giving us the right to use your first name and your country of origin in any of our marketing materials, email campaigns or social messaging on Facebook, Google+ and twitter relating to the Secure Your Life and Win Promotion.
  10. All rules outlined in this section, along with the terms and conditions found by clicking the link at the bottom of the Secure Your Life and Win widget are subject to change, at any time.