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Download More Headers to See More Posts

If you like to browse the Usenet newsgroups the old fashioned way, you more than likely use headers to see all available posts in a group instead of using NZBs to download only specific ones.

Downloading and browsing Usenet headers is the oldest method of browsing the newsgroups. Each Usenet post has a header and the header contains information like the time and date posted, poster name, subject and Usenet server upload path.

Because some newsgroups can have a high post count, we recommend you download more headers at one time to see more posts. To download more headers in a group, increase your initial header records size to see more posts in a larger group. To browsing headers, we recommend Unison for Mac and Newsbin Pro for a Windows PC. To see a demo on how to browse headers with Newsbin Pro, watch the video below: