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Free Lifetime VPN! – Black Friday Special

The Holidays are upon us, it’s time for big savings and this Black Friday is no different. As a big thank you to the internet and to promote privacy and security in the midst of big brother nation states, UsenetServer has decided to offer free lifetime VPN access on all new Usenet accounts today through Cyber Monday December the 1st! The Lifetime VPN service will remain free for as long as the Usenet account is active and there are no gaps in payment or service. Click below and get free lifetime VPN + Usenet!

Free Lifetime VPN! Black Friday

Build a Cheap Home Theater PC

Many people are often looking for a better more flexible home theater device to better manage and browse their favorite digital media, but many of us don’t have a huge budget to drop on the most expensive gear.

Building a good home theater media management system on a budget can be a challenge, but watch as our friends from DIY Tryin show us how to turn a Raspberry Pi into a cheap yet powerful home theater PC using BerryBoot and XBMC clone openelec. For a full list of items needed to complete this project, check out Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Home Theater PC – Watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and more

Not Getting Full Download Speed? Check Your Connections

New to the Usenet? Here’s a critical pro tip to help our users get full download speed from UsenetServer Usenet over their connections to their ISP. Just a quick recap for those users who are just getting started with Usenet, first we get a UsenetServer account, download and install our newsreader or NZB downloader of choice, configure our Usenet client and finally, you’re ready to go.


When configuring our Usenet client, we will obviously need to provide the news host server address to connect to as well as our UsenetServer username and password so that our client can actually talk to the Usenet. Many users stop there and begin using their favorite client right away and if the download speed is good, no further configuration is necessary.

This is not always the case however, occasionally the default settings in our Usenet client might need a slight adjustment to ensure that we get full download speed from the Usenet servers. What adjustments might we need to make to get the most speed out of our connection to our Usenet servers? Figured it out yet? Adjusting the number of simultaneous connections that our Usenet client creates with our Usenet server each time it connects is the answer. If we are not able to achieve maximum download speed using the default number of connections (Usually 4), we need to gradually increase our number of connections one connection at a time until we fully saturate the available bandwidth our internet connection. Once our optimum number of connections has been found, we should not need to adjust them again and be able to download Usenet articles at full speed.

NZBGet 14 Downloader Now Available

For all of our users who are interested in batch downloading or scheduled Usenet download automation, please stand up and take notice because NZBGet 14 has finally arrived. NZBGet is light weight NZB downloader demon that requires very little system resources to run and can be run on many platforms and devices from a PC or a Mac, to a NAS box or even a Raspberry Pi. NZBGet is a great alternative to SABNZBd and best of all, it is open source.

NZBGet Web-Interface- Messages  Listing

NZBGet’s big features include file name repair of obfuscated file names using the par files (done in seconds), RSS feed reader automation, multi-server support and management and automatic file repair and extraction. NZB get is also capable of running post processing scripts for file renaming, moving etc. The new version includes many improvements and fixes. For a full list, check out the release notes.

To start using NZBGet, download it here.

If you enjoy using NZBGet, please support this open source project by donating here.

Automate Usenet Downloads with NZBVortex

NZBVortex is a NZB client for MacOSX.Today’s Usenet users do not want to wait long to download article sets after they have been posted to newsgroups. This is why  download automation has become a  popular and important feature for many Usenet users. There are many NZB downloader clients out there to satisfy even the most avid Usenet user, but there is only one that stands out of the pack due to its ease of use, features and efficiency, and it’s NZBVortex.

NZBVortex is a lightweight, feature rich, batch NZB downloader for Mac OSX. For  those who enjoy simplicity and power, NZBVortex is a very attractive option. NZBVortex allows users to automate NZB downloads with its built-in RSS feed reader; queue up and download a set of NZBs stored locally and detect password protected archives on the spot.

To give NZBVortex a try, visit their download page or visit the app store for an 50% discount on the full version for only € 8,99.

Benefits and Features include:

  • Very efficient: low CPU, memory and disk IO usage compared to the competitors
  • Smart junk detection (fake and junk downloads)
  • Minimizes download size by skipping as many files as possible
  • Downloads par2 files only if required and does par2 check only if required
  • RSS Feed integration – automatically add your favorite NZBs
  • Deep Search integration with multiple search engines
  • A Mac native interface and also a web interface to control by remote
  • Much more like: scheduler, speed limiter, sleep when done, etc.

New in 3.0:

NZBVortex Cloud: Clients work together by sharing download information between clients.

Some examples are:

  • Download results
  • Filenames
  • Passwords
  • Download titles
  • Passworded files without a password (Will pause the download)
  • Junk status

Unlock the Power of Usenet with Newsbin Pro

With so many Usenet downloaders and newsreader clients out there on the web, it can be hard to find the very best Usenet client with the most flexibility and functionality that also provides a UI that is actually an enjoyable experience to use while exploring all that the Usenet has to offer. Newsbin Pro is one of the best all around and most powerful Usenet newsreader browsers and downloaders for the power Usenet user. Newsbin Pro downloads files from Usenet Newsgroups as fast as your internet connection will go. Search through massive amounts of NNTP headers with minimal effort and impact to your system or batch download NZB’s with ease.

Our users can try an anonymous 10 Day Free Trial or sign up for an Extended Trial Key good for 15 days including access to Newsbin’s Usenet Search service.

A key to Newsbin costs as little as $20 with free upgrades for life! If you purchase one year of Newsbin’s Usenet Search Service for $30, the key is free. See below for just some of the many features packed into Newsbin Pro:



  • Local Search: You can search all your locally stored headers by keyword or using Regular Expressions if you choose not to use our comprehensive search database via Internet Search.
  • Multiple Core support: Newsbin makes full use of multi-core CPUs, multiple processor systems, or CPUs with Hyperthreading enabled.
  • IPv6 Support: As news servers become available on IPv6, Newsbin is ready for it.
  • 64 Bit Version: A version of Newsbin built for 64 bit machines running a 64 bit Windows operating system is maintained. Download here
  • Optimal Resource Management: After many iterations of optimizations, Newsbin now uses significantly less RAM than previous versions. You can now load large newsgroups with 10 million headers in about 150MB of RAM.
  • Advanced Spam Filtering: Configure Newsbin to block password protected RAR files or RAR files containing .exe files (which usually turn out to be viruses or trojans).
  • Proxy Support: Newsbin supports SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5, and HTTPS Proxies. Configurable by news server entry so different server configurations can go through different proxies if you want.
  • Built In Scheduler: Schedule times for Newsbin to pause or invoke the speed limiter.
  • Compressed Header Support: If your news server supports XFeatures header compression, you can download headers at up to 10 times faster. All our recommended news servers support this mode.
  • NZB File Support: Newsbin will download file represented in NZB files. It can be configured to automatically load NZB files from a specified folder, load an NZB from a menu option, or simply click and drag an NZB onto Newsbin to download the files listed in the NZB file. More info.
  • SSL Encryption: If your news server supports it, Newsbin can be set so all information passed between your computer and the news server is encrypted.
  • Built in RAR/PAR and Split File Processing: Use the AutoPAR feature to combine RAR and Master Splitter files and extract the contents. Damaged or missing files are automatically repaired or replaced as long as enough PAR files were posted.
  • Security Features: Password protect Newsbin so it requires a password to start and optionally require a password for selected configuration options.
  • Multiple Server Support: Configure multiple news servers for simultaneous use. This allows you to download from a free server supplied by your ISP and use a pay server to fill in whatever is missing.
  • Automatic Download Mode: Automatically download files while you sleep.
  • Advanced Download Management: A temporary “Wish List” is available to park posts for downloading later.
  • Automatic Header Updates: Newsbin has a mode where it will periodically download headers from all your selected newsgroups. This way you always have the most recent headers available for browsing.
  • Usenet Decoding Methods: Newsbin can decode yEnc, uuEncoded, and Mime encoded files which are posted to Usenet newsgroups.
  • Bandwidth Management: Limit Newsbin to only use a certain amount of bandwidth. Coupled with the Scheduler feature, you can take advantage of off-peak times for downloading.

Enter for Your Chance to Win Free Usenet & VPN

In honor of Cyber Security Awareness Month, we are giving away Free service to UsenetServer users who have taken steps to protect their privacy by using our secure VPN add-on service. The prizes are as follows:


2nd 3rd

1 Year of Free UsenetServer Usenet Access

3 Months of Free UsenetServer Usenet Access

1 Month of Free UsenetServer Usenet Access

How to enter

Complete the Secure Your Life and Win Promotion entry form below. You can earn even more entries by following us on Twitter, Liking us on Facebook or sharing a link to this promotion on FacebookTwitter or Google+. Non UsenetServer subscribers may enter their email address to win a free 14 day/Ten Gig UsenetServer trial.

When the promotion will run

We are accepting entries October 16th – October 30th 2014.

How the winners will be chosen

3 Winners will be chosen at random from the entries collected through the Secure Your Life and Win Promotion entry form below. You must have an active UsenetServer account with the VPN add-on enabled to qualify to win free UsenetServer Usenet service.

Winner notification

Winners will be notified via email provided on the entry form within 14 days after the end of the promotion.

Promotion Rules

  1. To be eligible to win, you must complete the Secure Your Life and Win Promotion entry form and have an active UsenetServer Usenet account with the VPN add-on enabled to receive valid entries for a possibility to win.
  2. Non UsenetServer users may enter their email address to win a free 14 day/Ten Gig UsenetServer trial only.
  3. Three random winners will be chosen from all of the submitted eligible entries from the Secure Your Life and Win Promotion entry form.
  4. Multiply entries can be received by liking us on Facebook, following us on twitter, tweeting a link to the promotion or sharing a link on Facebook.
  5. Winners will be contacted through the email address submitted with their completed Secure Your Life and Win Promotion entries – you must use a valid email address so that we can contact you.
  6. Entries on the Secure Your Life and Win Promotion form submitted on October 16th through October 30th at midnight (Eastern US time) will be accepted, any entry before or after this time will not be counted.
  7. When you submit valid completed entries into the Secure Your Life and Win Promotion, you are agreeing to all the Terms and Conditions found by clicking the link at the bottom of the entry form and the rules outlined in this section.
  8. We will notify and award free UsenetServer Usenet Service to the 3 random winners with 14 days after the promotion ends.
  9. By entering the Secure Your Life and Win Promotion, you are giving us the right to use your first name and your country of origin in any of our marketing materials, email campaigns or social messaging on Facebook, Google+ and twitter relating to the Secure Your Life and Win Promotion.
  10. All rules outlined in this section, along with the terms and conditions found by clicking the link at the bottom of the Secure Your Life and Win widget are subject to change, at any time.

Protect Your Privacy with UsenetServer VPN

We’re excited to announce that we now provide a custom and easy-to-use VPN (Virtual Private Network) software that protects your privacy!  A VPN is an encryption tool that puts you in control of your IP address and provides the following benefits:

  • Online Identity and Data Protection
  • Keeps you Safe at Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Stops your ISP’s Throttling
  • Provides a Virtual Firewall
  • Shields from Cyber Crime
  • Circumvents Internet Censorship
  • Blocks Unwanted Marketing

The greatest benefit of having access to both UNS’s Usenet and VPN services is that you can truly enjoy all that Usenet has to offer with complete freedom. You don’t have to worry about identity thieves, or your ISP spying on or throttling your traffic. 

Sign up for UNS Usenet and VPN service today and you’ll get a 14-day free trial of both!

UsenetServer is 1 of 5 Best Usenet Providers

We’d like to thank our fans for choosing UsenetServer as 1 of the 5 best usenet providers in a recent Lifehacker questionnaire.  Last week Lifehacker asked their readers to submit their choice for best usenet provider and UsenetServer was one of them based on the following:

built-in search feature

great completion rates

built-in search tool

One of our fans even commented that they’ve been a loyal UsenetServer user for over 10 years with no problems at all! We are so pleased that we’re able to provide this level of service to our users and are so excited about it, we just had to share.

If you’re new to usenet or not currently using UsenetServer, sign up today for only $10 for our high-speed plus special and get unlimited access to over 100,000 newsgroups with 99%+ completion.

Read the complete writeup at Lifehacker – Five Best Usenet Providers.