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UsenetServer Love Instant Win Sweepstakes

We Have Been Bitten by the Love Bug, Enter to Win Instantly!

This Valentine’s Day, UsenetServer has been bitten by the love bug! We care about our users very much and with Cupid’s help, we’re going to give them some love – Usenet style. We would like to show our gratitude to our users by giving away random Usenet Valentines! Click the graphic below and enter the UsenetServer Love Instant Win Sweepstakes for a chance to win a month of free unlimited Usenet service + VPN access! Enter daily to increase your odds!

Enter to Win

Participation in the UsenetServer Love Instant Win Sweepstakes is subject to the official rules.

For users looking for a bigger, longer, more permanent love, take a look at our Partner’s Special and save big! Earn a deep discount-off our regular pricing plans and subscribe for a full year to get free VPN access too!

UsenetServer provides world-class premium tier-1 Usenet access to users all around the globe at the best value in the industry. We offer access to over 110,000 newsgroups, including discussion groups covering topics from iOS app development to March madness bracketology and usenet binary groups including user-generated videos, audio files and software. Our vast array of newsgroups coupled with our robust network infrastructure and server farms in the United States and Europe, UsenetServer provides first class high speed access to the Usenet at the lowest price.

UsenetServer network route

Increase Download Speeds With a Better Route

Most of us are spoiled these days by having a broadband or high speed connection to the Internet. In fact, some of us don’t even want to use the Internet if it’s slower than 10 megabits per second – we have a need for speed. So it will come as good news to our users to hear that under normal circumstances, users of UsenetServer will get good download speeds maxing out their connection with ease. We have built a first class tier-1 network infrastructure with our user’s bandwidth needs in mind to deliver the best speeds possible. Try as we might though, we sometimes have users whose ISPs do not have good routes to our servers. In other words, sometimes there are Internet bottlenecks between our users and our Usenet servers. For the users who fall into this category, don’t worry – we have a solution! Users experiencing slower-than-normal download speeds from our servers can increase their download speeds by using a better route.

Finding a Better Route to Our Usenet Servers

In order to provide the best possible access and download speeds to our users, our Usenet servers listen on different NNTP ports that each provide a different possible route to our servers than the route your Usenet client would take to connect to our default NNTP port of 119. We offer several ports to choose from for users’ Usenet clients to connect to for both our secure and non-secure servers. See the list below for all our available NNTP ports. If users are having speed issues, they should set their Usenet client to use the NNTP port that will give them the best possible speed.

Server and NNTP Port List

Non-secure server:  Ports: 119, 23, 25, 119, 3128, 8000 and 9000
Secure Server: SSL Ports: 443, 563, 8080

Manage Usenet Downloads from Anywhere with SABMobile

Last week we showed how to download and manage all of those favorite NZBs using multi-batch downloading with SABnzbd. This week we take downloading with SABnzbd one step further and show you how to manage your Usenet downloads from anywhere with SABMobile. For those who want to queue new downloads on the go and have a SAB server cranking at home, this app is a total must-have.

What is SABMobile?

SABMobile is 3rd-party mobile management application for the SABnzbd web interface that runs on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices. SABMobile allows for full management of the SABnzbd web console, allowing for RSS feeds to be added and read, NZB files to be uploaded and full download queue control with pause, resume and delete to remove NZBs when needed. One of the unique features, for those who are really concerned with security, is that SABMobile has an SSH option when adding a SABnzbd server so that if you are running a SAB server on a box with SSH, you can connect through a secure shell tunnel from anywhere on the web directly to your local server.

How do I setup a SAB server with SABMobile?

  1. Log into your local SABnzb server web UI
  2. Click Config > General and record Host IPPort and API Key
  3. Download, install and launch SABMoble
  4. Click Add Server
  5. Type in a Name for the server
  6. Enter the Server IP (This will be the LAN IP if accessing locally or WAN IP if accessing outside  home network) **If accessing outside LAN, a port will have to be mapped to local SAB server. 
  7. Turn ON/OFF API Key (Enter API Key if set to ON)
  8. Set SSL to ON/OFF depending on whether SAB server has SSL enabled
  9. Enable SSH Tunnel if SAB is being accessed via the outside web with secure shell
  10. Click Save.
  11. Tap on the Server Name to  Connect.  

Where Can I Get SABMobile?

SABMobile can be dowloaded here using any of the links on the developers website that match the mobile platform needed. This powerful app only costs $2.99 and works flawlessly.

Make Usenet Downloading Easier With SABnzbd

There is no shortage of conversations to join or binaries on Usenet. In fact, there is often so much to read and so much to choose from and explore, it’s difficult to know where to begin when searching for things. More often than not, our users are wanting to download many posts at the same time by downloading multiple NZBs. One of the best ways to make Usenet downloading easier is to use SABnzbd to batch download NZBs.

sabnzbd usenet downloader

What is SABnzbd?

SABnzbd is a light-weight yet extremely powerful web-based user interface that allows Usenet users to batch download large quantities of NZBs with very little hassle or interaction from the user. SABnzbd also comes equipped with a complete, fully functional NZB post-processing engine that will automatically PAR-check the RAR sets of the posts, repair components if needed, and finish the process by extracting the files within the RAR sets.

How NZBs are Imported

The developers of SABnzbd have made it easier than ever to import NZBs, leaving users with several options to queue-up their must-have posts:

  1. Users can click the “Add NZB” button and manually add NZBs to the queue
  2. RSS Feeds from popular NZB search providers can be read and NZBs imported
  3. SABnzbd has a built in API for 3rd party application support to receive NZBs

What Platforms Are Supported & Where Do I Download?

SABnzbd runs on Windows, OSX, Linux, Unix, BSD, you name it! SABnzbd is written in Python, so it will work practically anywhere. To give SABnzbd a whirl and start downloading right away, visit

Need a Usenet Account?

Are you ready to get started and need a Usenet account? Get unlimited downloads and over 2300 days retention starting at $10/month – Signup Now!

Survive the Winter With These Great Android Apps

If you are an American living in the U.S. of late, you will undoubtedly have noticed the arctic blast of unusually cold weather, even for this time of year. So much for global warming for much of the Northern, Southern and middle U.S.; many places are experiencing very cold temperatures and piles and piles of snow. All this is leaving some motorists and bystanders stranded out in the cold. Protect yourself, be prepared, and don’t be stuck without a backup plan . Survive the winter with these great Android apps! Watch the video below as Shannon Morris from Tekzilla shows us some of the best Android apps to brave the winter blast:

We Come Bearing Gifts!

UsenetServer Free VPN for 1 Month Happy Holidays!

‘Tis the season for giving, and it’s in that spirit that we have decided to reward one FREE month of VPN access to all of our new and existing UsenetServer members.

To redeem, from December 17th – December 31st 2014, new members can sign up at and existing members can simply log into the control panel of their UsenetServer account and click on the gift icon. On behalf of the UsenetServer team, we appreciate your business and we wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!

* To qualify for the full month of free VPN access, members must have an account that remains active for at least 30 days. Members with 3 day accounts will get 3 days of free VPN. *



Tracking Our Location Without Killing Our Battery

A company called PathSense has created a way of tracking location using smartphones without killing battery power and using GPS. PathSense demoed the software at Demo 2014, saying that the app uses 90% less battery power than conventional map apps using GPS and that the location tracking is actually made to be more accurate using the phone’s own built in sensors for acceleration and rotation, etc. For more, check out this video from Tekzilla bites.


Our Favorite Usenet Browser for Mac OSX

Mac users can sometimes find it difficult to find good and powerful software without spending some money, especially when it comes to the world of Usenet apps. In the case of the PC however, there are actually many Usenet apps that are available for free and we all know free software is always the best kind. Want free? Meet Unison for Mac by Panic. When it comes to the Usenet app Unison for Mac, the good news is it is powerful, easy to use, flexible and most importantly free, making it our favorite Usenet Browser for Mac OSX.

Unison offers great flexibility in that it will allow searching the Usenet using headers to manually browse through your favorite newsgroups or allow us to target specific posts for download by allowing us to open NZB files. Unison also offers a very handy image browser to look at and search though images in our favorite picture groups. Unison is also perfect for browsing and responding to messages in the text groups as well as searching through and locating posts to download in the binary groups. Unison supports all the latest Usenet technology, from compressed headers, to automatic RAR set repair using PAR2 files.

Check out this video by our friends over at for a demo of Unison. You can also download a free copy of Unison here.

Download More Headers to See More Posts

If you like to browse the Usenet newsgroups the old fashioned way, you more than likely use headers to see all available posts in a group instead of using NZBs to download only specific ones.

Downloading and browsing Usenet headers is the oldest method of browsing the newsgroups. Each Usenet post has a header and the header contains information like the time and date posted, poster name, subject and Usenet server upload path.

Because some newsgroups can have a high post count, we recommend you download more headers at one time to see more posts. To download more headers in a group, increase your initial header records size to see more posts in a larger group. To browsing headers, we recommend Unison for Mac and Newsbin Pro for a Windows PC. To see a demo on how to browse headers with Newsbin Pro, watch the video below: