AT&T to Discontinue Usenet Access

June 18, 2009 – AT&T recently announced that “on or around July 15, 2009,” the ISP will no longer offer Usenet newsgroup access to its customers. This announcement follows an earlier decision by the company just last July to terminate access to all alt.binaries newsgroups.

As AT&T will rescind its Usenet access, UsenetServer invites all AT&T subscribers to experience its premium Usenet access with the full-featured UNS High-Speed Plus for only $10/month for one year of subscription. This is the best value on Usenet today and a great opportunity for AT&T customers to experience premium Usenet access.

Unlike many ISPs, UsenetServer owns and operates the network–our subscribers get access to over 100,000 binary and text newsgroups directly from UsenetServer’s datacenters. With new massive network backbone and infrastructure upgrades in place including a news server farm, faster connections to more networks worldwide, and storage server upgrades to support 400 days of binary and 2+ years of text retention, UsenetServer offers truly exceptional, blazing-fast Usenet newsgroup access.

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AT&T subscribers can register here.

About UsenetServer:
UsenetServer is a top-tier provider of Usenet newsgroup access. Among the lowest-cost providers, UsenetServer offers fast, reliable, and uncensored access plans to users worldwide. Expect more exciting announcements from UsenetServer in 2009 as the company continues to expand service.

For more information about UsenetServer and its access plans, please visit

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