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The New UsenetServer VPN Client Has Arrived!

New UsenetServer VPN Client Available
We are excited to announce the release of our new, streamlined UsenetServer VPN software. And for the first time ever, we’re introducing mobile apps for iOS and Android!

The app has been redesigned with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind. We believe less is sometimes more, and we’ve stripped the UsenetServer VPN client down to its essential aspects. This simplistic approach doesn’t mean that the app is short on options, however. With the new UsenetServer client, you’ll be able to select protocols preferences and easily select your visible location. Staying secure has never been so easy!


UsenetServer VPN App Connecting When you open your app, you will see that you’re disconnected. Before you connect, you can choose between high-speed or high-security for your connection preference and you will also be able to change your visible location.

The connection preference you select will determine which protocol your connection will utilize. Speed is optimal for users who will be doing media-heavy browsing. Security is best for users who want the highest level of encryption available.

To change your visible location, click the geo-pin button next to the text of the default location. This will present a pop out that displays available server cities and their ping times. Click the server of your choice, close the popup, and click on the Connect button. You’re ready to go!


UsenetServer VPN app disconnecting Once you’re connected, the Connect button will become a Disconnect button. You will now also be able to see your public IP address, visible location, and protocol option (Speed, Secure). Click the Disconnect button to terminate your VPN connection or return to the connect screen. From here you can alter your connection preference or change your visible location before reconnecting.

Mobile VPN Apps

UsenetServer VPN will now be available on mobile for users running iOS or Android. The mobile version of the app is designed to fully mirror the desktop version, giving it the same functionality and general set up. Much like the desktop app, you will be able to set your connection preference and visible location, and view your public IP address, current visible location, and protocol option.

Download the update today!

We are eager to hear your feedback on the new VPN apps. Tell us what you like about the apps, or suggest future improvements in the comments section below!

Don’t have a membership plan that includes our VPN? Add a VPN to your UsenetServer service here.