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Privado - Protect your entire Internet Connection
with a personally encrypted VPN.

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Do I need a VPN?

YES! A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an encryption tool that puts you in control of your IP address and provides privacy to your Internet connection. Once on an anonymous Privado IP address, your Internet connection is secure with the following benefits:

Stops your ISP from Throttling

Your ISP may be monitoring your internet traffic. If they are, they could be controlling your internet speeds based on your internet usage. Stop the deep packet inspection and traffic sharing with an encrypted VPN.

Online Identity and Data Protection

Protect your internet! All of your ocredit card details, emails, IMs/DMs, web traffic, and DNS requests are at risk. Privado stops botnets and hackers dead in their tracks.

Keeps you Safe at Wi-Fi Hotspots

Whether you're at a coffee shop or the airport, unprotected Wi-Fi could leave backdoor access open to your laptop. Privado prevents would be hackers on public Wi-Fi or even private wired networks from gaining access to your private details.

Bypasses Internet Censorship Blocks

Do you want access to the whole internet? Privado can help prevent region blocking from taking effect. Don't let where you are prevent where you can go.

View the Internet Your Way

When traveling abroad, see your preferred language and currencies when online shopping. You'll not only keep seeing things the way you want to but also have peace of mind that your purchases are protected.

Blocks Unwanted Marketing

With Privado, your IP address and location are hidden and are replaced with a Privado IP address. Prevent online companies, agencies, search engines, and other websites from targeting you.

Make Sure You're Protected

Don't leave yourself unprotected. Privado is included for free with all UsenetServer annual plans. Don't hesitate.