New and Improved Global Search

We have updated our Global Search feature to give our users even better search results and quicker NZB generation!  If you haven’t used Global Search, login today and check it out. Global Search is a free tool that subscribers can use to instantly find and transfer what they want from Usenet without subscribing to newsgroups […]

What is Global Search?

Global Search allows you to instantly find and download what you want from the Usenet without subscribing to newsgroups and downloading massive amounts of headers. Instead of getting frustrated with regular search, looking through gigs of headers, try Usenet Global Search and download NZB files of the articles you want fast and easy.   Sign up today […]

UsenetServer Voted Best Deal 2014!

UsenetReviewz was created to help the Usenet enthusiast navigate through all of the Usenet providers in the market and to pick the one that best meets their needs. With over 100 Usenet providers to choose from, UsenetReviewz has narrowed down the list by eliminating those that do not meet their criteria for providing a quality service. […]

UsenetServer Named Newsgroup Reviews Winner for 2014 Best Usenet Provider

Newsgroup Reviews Blog – the industry’s go-to resource for everything Usenet, has announced their results for the 2014 Best Usenet Service Awards.  With so many Usenet options in the market  to choose from, the NGR blog does the legwork for you by testing them then publishing comprehensive reviews on their website. UsenetServer takes 2nd place […]