Tracking Our Location Without Killing Our Battery

A company called PathSense has created a way of tracking our location using our smartphone without killing our battery and using GPS. PathSense demoed the software at Demo 2014 saying that their app uses 90% less battery power than conventional map apps using GPS and that the location tracking is actually made to be more […]

Our Favorite Usenet Browser for Mac OSX

Mac users can sometimes find it difficult to find good and powerful software without spending some money, especially when it comes to the world of Usenet apps. In the case of the PC however, there are actually many Usenet apps that are available for free and we all know free software is always the best […]

Download More Headers to See More Posts

If you like to browse the Usenet newsgroups the old fashioned way, you more than likely use headers to see all available posts in a group instead of using NZBs to download only specific ones. Downloading and browsing Usenet headers is the oldest method of browsing the newsgroups. Each Usenet post has a header and […]

Free Lifetime VPN! – Black Friday Special

The Holidays are upon us, it’s time for big savings and this Black Friday is no different. As a big thank you to the internet and to promote privacy and security in the midst of big brother nation states, UsenetServer has decided to offer free lifetime VPN access on all new Usenet accounts today through […]

Check Before Downloading with NZB Completion Checker

Because all of the content stored on the Usenet is user generated and not regulated, sometimes users may post something incorrectly, making their post incomplete or even corrupt thus making it impossible for the original files to be put back together after download. When this happens valuable download time and bandwidth is lost. Wouldn’t it […]

Build a Cheap Home Theater PC

Many people are often looking for a better more flexible home theater device to better manage and browse their favorite digital media, but many of us don’t have a huge budget to drop on the most expensive gear. Building a good home theater media management system on a budget can be a challenge, but watch […]

Not Getting Full Download Speed? Check Your Connections

New to the Usenet? Here’s is critical pro tip to help our users get full download speed from UsenetServer Usenet over their connections to their ISP. Just a quick recap for those users who are just getting started with Usenet, first we get a UsenetServer account, download and install our newsreader or NZB downloader of choice, […]

Automate Usenet Downloads with NZBVortex

Today’s Usenet users do not want to wait long to download article sets after they have been posted to newsgroups. This is why  download automation has become a  popular and important feature for many Usenet users. There are many NZB downloader clients out there to satisfy even the most avid Usenet user, but there is […]