Check Before Downloading with NZB Completion Checker

Because all of the content stored on the Usenet is user generated and not regulated, sometimes users may post something incorrectly, making their post incomplete or even corrupt thus making it impossible for the original files to be put back together after download. When this happens valuable download time and bandwidth is lost. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were a tool that would allow users to check our servers to make sure a file set and all articles of that set are complete on our servers by checking it against the NZB they are trying to download? Guess what? We can do just that.

NZB Completion Checker Working

NZB Completion Checker for Windows scanning an NZB for total completion.

To check an NZB to make sure all the articles and parts of a file set are available on our servers, we need to open the NZB in question with NZB Completion Checker. NZB Completion Checker is a light weight very powerful desktop app for Windows that will allow us to check the entire contents of the NZB against our Usenet servers. Doing this, will give us a clear picture of what articles and parts of the file set inside the NZB are available to us for download. Knowing ahead of time whether or not an NZB is complete, will help users to decide if we should download that NZB or move on to something else.

NZBcc allows for the configuration of primary Usenet servers and backup Usenet servers to find missing articles not found on the primary server. Anyone using NZBcc before downloading, will definitely save a great deal of time not downloading damaged files, especially for larger Posts.

For more information about NZBcc, visit the developer’s website here.

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